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A collaboration between Magnus Gjoen and renowned porcelain manufacturer, Meissen.

The partnership will see the launch of three new Cupid figurines, addressing current affairs and bringing to life humanitarian values through the innovative design of each figurine. Designed to convey an anti-war messaged; the partnership between Meissen and Magnus Gjoen brings together two iconic names to create a unique and thought-provoking collection, designed to convey a message of hope during these troubled and uncertain times.  


Since its foundation in the early eighteenth century, Meissen’s porcelain Cupid figurines have been iconic collectors items symbolising romance and love. Gjoen uses the historic Meissen Cupid figurines to convey a message of hope in our modern times which is rife with conflict and uncertainty.


The juxtaposition of styles, techniques, and media doubles as a palpable tension in his anti-war creations. The choice of porcelain as a material for his artworks, embodies contradiction. Having a high level of mechanical resistance, being durable but having a soft touch and beauty is the perfect solution for this thrilling partnership.

Three Porcelain Cupids by Meissen and MAGNUS GJOEN, one solid a grenade, one a broken rocket and the third cutting barbed wire.
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